Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's This Guy - Standard Kevin

Before we move too far along in our relationship; you and I - perhaps I should introduce myself a little better. I am Kevin Phillips, aged 29, born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. A thriving metropolis in north central Indiana between corn fields and auto parts factories. I have lived in Indianapolis for 6+ years and pride myself in loving this city and its (sometimes hard to find) treasures. I currently live on the near south side with my wonderful lady-friend and an over-spoiled cat named Neko.

Full disclosure: I am 1/2 of Standard Recording Company - an independent record label working with countless Indiana and Midwestern bands, promoting rock shows from time to time, and generally trying to export Indiana music as a commodity to people who "enjoy that sort of thing". The record label also hosts a community radio show on WITT 91.9FM - Indianapolis. The Standard Variety Hour airs every Wednesday from 6-7PM. I also spend most nights at Locals Only Art & Music Pub as a bartender, self-appointed manager, and all-around music fan.

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