Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get Organized: Is A "Smarter" Phone The Answer?

Over the past few months I've been trying to get more organized with deadlines, upcoming shows to promote, my work schedule, release dates and events. I've utilized the calendar function on my outdated Blackberry Curve, the calendar function on my too-good-to-be-true iPod Touch, a pocket date book, and sometimes small tidbits of paper stuffed in my pants pocket. Nothing seems to be effective.

I've been reading reviews of different Droids and smart phones offered by my cellular phone provider, but the more dependent on an all-in-one option that I become the more I really want to abandon the notion of upgrading and escape to some wooded cabin and only communicate by mail. Conflicting feelings I suppose. As my need for more technological gadgetry increases, my desire to be so connected decreases.

I've maintained an opinion that cell phones have been driving us away from normal inter-personal communication for some time now. I have become a victim of the dependence on text messaging and email messaging, and for a long time I rarely placed a phone call to anyone. I'm hoping that as I strive to get away from my text-heavy ways, a new phone can help organize my day-to-day while I start to use a cell phone for it's intended purpose: making calls.

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  1. I definitely have to agree with you on this. The amount of gadgetry that's around these days is starting to irritate me more and more. I hate that too many conversations and dinners are interrupted by text messages or internet updates. I feel like there are two extremes, those that allow all of this to numb them to how to appropriately have a real conversation or write a real letter, and those that push back by putting more value in the real thing.

    However, I'd be lying if I didn't say that all of this stuff can be extremely convenient and time saving at the when used at the right time.